The Virtual Man model is also known as the "Duke" male model from the Virtual Family. The actual files are available in voxel format and in a number of resolutions - 0.5mm, 1 mm, 2mm and 5 mm. You can choose your preferred resolution and download the indicated ZIP file. The following is some basic physiological details about the model:

Type: Male adult
Age: 34 years old
Body Height: 1.74 m
Body Weight: 70 kg
No. of Tissue Types: more than 80.

In addition, there is an additional file that provides an uncertainty estimate of SAR for the model exposed to the base station antenna RF field. This file will be useful to estimateSAR values caused by varying body shapes and body rotations.

To proceed with the download you must provide your details and a brief description of the scientific or compliance related task that the files will be used for. Finally, you will need to agree to the User Agreement Licence that indicates on how the files are to be referenced in any publications and how the files can be used and how they should be displayed.

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